Through efforts that were made to find a new trade route to India, the idea of explorations to the tip of Africa was inked. A new passage would circumvent the high fees that merchants had to pay to travel through foreign lands, in their journey to the east.

Traders were disillusioned with the fact that they were prisoners to the gatekeeper's toll. They viewed these third parties as racketeers and opportunists who had pushed their horses too far.


They pursued a vision with great determination and furness. They flamed the sparks of exploration and discovery of the New World. They were known as the navigators. The search for a new trade route to Asia to bypass the protracted journey over land through the Middle East, facilitated the Age of Discovery.

A new passage around Africa to India would make it possible to circumvent the high fees that merchants had to pay to third parties, in order to travel through foreign lands. The quest to crack the monopoly that was held over the silk and spice route, facilitated a mood of discovery and the battle for control of the high seas.

In order to pursue these seaward bound explorations, the navigators would need to solicit large amounts of capital to realize their ambitions. These men were the venture capitalists of their generation.


The video trailer for "Cavalier's Call" scheduled to be released in early 2010, is now available for review. This is a historical novel set in Portugal during the 14th Century, providing a meticulously researched glimpse into the period that set the stage for the Age of Discovery.


Grant de Graf reveals the secrets behind the trail of Cavalier's Call and what motivated him to write a historical novel celebrating Portugal's independence of 1385.

The Kruger National Park, South Africa's premier game reserve is the setting for the stage in which this honest, unpretentious account of what inspired the author to write such a novel is revealed. This is the first video in a series, which will follow.


A snapshot of Cavalier's Call from author Grant de Graf, a novel celebrating Portugal's independence of 1385, and the era that proceeded the Age of Discovery. For more detailed information check out the Official Website.