Book Club Discussion/ Questions (Cavalier's Call)

1) Did the relationship which João enjoyed with his father have any bearing on his personality?

2) Ines Peres fled from her father’s home to be with João. Should she rather have hearkened to the voice of her father and refrained from making contact with João?

3) The crown was responsible for some underhand manipulation in dealing with the accused Carlos Carreira. What duty did they have towards making full disclosure and coming clean?

4) Was the action of Ines Peres to come to João’s defense when he was under attack in the Santa Clara tavern, proper?

5) Should the crown have come to João's defense when he was being pursued from Don Antonio Esteves’ bondeleros, instead of taking a passive stance and turning a blind eye?

6) Should João have attempted to make contact with his friend, Nuno during the period that he was in hiding, at the risk that his assassins would establish his location?

7) Was the apprehension that the consortium of Lisbon merchants expressed about entering into an agreement with the Castilians, when King Ferdinand I died, justified?