Rebel With A Cause

Rebel With A Cause is a film, in development, depicting Sally Jackson’s mission, to lead a SWAT team to rescue captives, metaphorically retold by an international authority on energy, who is presenting his case on the use of natural gas, as a substitute to gasoline.

When SWAT commander Sally Jackson is commissioned to lead a team to rescue captives from a werewolf, days before her upcoming marriage, she knows she will need to pull some of the toughest lessons of training from her bag of tricks. But as the drama unfolds, a reporter uncovers a number of events, which will turn this once sleepy hollow, into a media frenzy. This is about two developing stories, with remarkably similar consequences, but vastly different events. One concerns a professor who is on a mission to enlighten his audience of the dangers the economy faces, if we are not freed from the enslavement of the oil barons. Another, focuses on a head-strong SWAT leader, who must execute a dangerous rescue.