Behind the Scenes: Crowdfunding

The DEGRAF CHANNEL team discuss the merits of crowdfunding at a recent meetup, behind the scenes, in a bar. Discussing the importance of knowing your audience, having a social media presence, prior to launching a campaign and how regulation may effect fund raising.

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GoPro: HERO3+ Black Edition: Smaller, lighter, mightier still.

GoPro, the company known for its HD Hero line of sports cameras that take steady footage in tough conditions, has launched the Hero 3+. The camera is lighter and smaller than its predecessor, and consumes battery at a slower pace.

The Hero 3+ comes in two versions. The more powerful Black Edition is 20% smaller than the Hero 3 and offers a 30% improved battery life. It also has four times faster Wi-Fi speeds, a new lens for sharper video and overall better image quality. A new feature called SuperView provides wider-angle shots.

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition