New Detective Drama In Production 2014

Press Release 

A new film about a private investigator, who is searching for the killer of his murdered son, is set for release, this summer 2014. The short film, in English, is the forerunner to a full feature film, created as part of the Solomon Weinstein franchise. The production is being filmed on location in Tel Aviv and is written and directed by Grant de Graf. Seasoned filmmaker Adam Dunhoff contributes as Assistant Director and DOP. The lead character of Solomon Weinstein, is played by South African born Grant de Graf. He is complemented by an experienced acting cast who include, Ben Katz, Effy, Saar Badishi, Ashley Goldstein, Goonda Keter Yaniv, Victoria Katsman, Idan Dadon, Dina Stein, Jonathan David Cohen, Eva Tunik, Yael Tamar.

The storyline is compelling. When Solomon P.I., a man with psychic powers, takes on an investigation to find his son's killer, in Tel Aviv, he will need to wrestle with his conflict of personal vengeance over the quest for justice. An old foe, drug-runner and extortionist Ivan Yarkoni, is determined  to scuttle Solomon's efforts. Top notch public investigator and prosecutor, Kerri Kornfield provides leads and backup to the investigation. While passions between Kerri and Solomon run deep, they work as a team to uncover the truth. When Russian agent Boris Yelin provides surprising intel, the investigation is poised to take a new turn. Will Solomon's psychic powers, be enough to provide him with the edge, to crack this case open? 

The film is currently in production.