A South African Carjacking Story

Shaun Mansfield and his wife Natasha, thought it would be like any other Sunday. The headlights of an approaching car, flicker in the distance. Natasha smiles at Shaun in content. She could not be happier. The approaching car slows and suddenly swerves in their path. Four of it's hooded occupants exit the vehicle, bearing AK-47s. They order Shaun, Natasha and their two girls out of the car and shoot them, execution style. Shaun, a former South African special forces operative, overpowers one of the hijackers. After a brief scuffle, he too succumbs to an AK-47 slug.

The rhythmic beep of the heart monitor, cuts through the hospital room. "Mr. Mansfield, you are lucky to be alive." A doctor in a white coat is looking down at his patient. Shaun casts his mind back to his days in the navy, when he conducted sea, search and rescue ops, dangling from an Oryx. He remembers the SADF's fight against Umkhonto WeSizwe and the ANC. He recalls the days that followed, when he campaigned against Apartheid and read smuggled copies of the Freedom Charter, at university. He reminisces about moments, when he stood huddled with his buddies, around cracking coals at a braai and drank cold ale.

Moses Ndulu is in a Soweto shabeen. He is an old friend of Shaun and he is planning revenge for the Mansfield massacre. Moses and Shaun have identified the killers as part of a rogue South African Police Unit, responsible for a series of robberies and bloody murders. Knowing that there will be no justice in a country where crime is out of control, the two friends have assembled a team to execute the revenge hit. However, seconds before they move in, Shaun reconsiders. His time in recovery has given him pause to doubt his motives. He reasons that their blind quest for revenge, will only add to the violence that has plagued the country. It would not be a fitting memory for Natasha. Shaun persuades Moses and the team to back down, but before they move out, they are attacked by the killers, forcing them to play their hand. The perpetrators of the Mansfield massacre are eliminated, one by one, leaving Shaun and his team bloodied, but still standing.

Pitch Trailer: Burned from Grant de Graf on Vimeo.

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