• Speaks fluent Zulu 
  • Swims a mile a day, X5/week
  • Trained in kickboxing by current world champion
  • Consumes 15 raw eggs a week
  • Staged debut stand-up performance, as a teenager, in parents' nightclub
  • Grandfather owned and bred, thoroughbred American Saddlers
  • Campari and red grapefruit juice, is preferred apĂ©ritif of choice
  • Played competitive rugby at University
  • Father died, when he was fourteen
  • Braved shark infested waters, conducted sea search and rescue operations in the Mozambique Channel
  • Survived Bundaberg rum, Vegemite and brown dogs in the Australian Outback
  • Lived, after being on the receiving end of the barrel of a Beretta, at point blank range
  • Worked on Wall Street as a trader
  • Former navy diver and explosives expert
  • Narrowly defeated in a nomination contest, to run for Parliament in South Africa